Acupuncture For Back Pain Denver

Acupuncture For Back Pain is an alternative or complementary healthcare practice which alleviates pain and improves mobility by pricking underneath the skin in specific locations using sharp thin needles. The areas are based on the body’s meridians and energy flow.


Acupuncture For Back Pain is a Chinese practice that dates back nearly 6,000 years. Though controversial, it is accepted worldwide as a method to relieve pain and other symptoms of physical and emotional conditions.


Medical professionals do not claim Acupuncture For Back Pain treatments are a cure for any particular condition, but Acupuncture For Back Pain does alleviate the symptoms of many illnesses such as chronic pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases, sports injuries, depression and other mental health conditions.


Acupuncture For Back Pain is considered to be extremely safe. Whether using actual needles manually or electro-puncture, the skin is barely punctured beneath the surface. The initial feeling is less intense than a mosquito bite. In rare cases an infection can occur, so any lingering redness or swelling should be reported.


Acupuncture benefits for neck pain:


Neck pain or cervical neck pain is one of the top three areas of complaint when it comes to musculoskeletal pain. Not only does your neck have the job of holding up your head, but it is also where a lot of stress is held. Acupuncture For Neck Pain can help alleviate such pain.


Some benefits of Acupuncture For Neck Pain include immediate pain relief and improved mobility but it also has residual effects that may decrease the amount of neck discomfort experienced in the future.


Acupuncture For Neck Pain has been shown to reduce stress, increase energy, improve mental clarity and promote healthy sleep. All of these features may help with overall well-being but also target the neck and spine and assist with stress induced pain or pain caused by cervical osteoarthritis.


Acupuncture benefits for mid-back pain:


Upper or mid-back pain causes include overuse, poor posture, spinal cord problems such as a herniated disc, or osteoarthritis. Acupuncture For Back Pain stimulates the central nervous system and alters the neurotransmitters in the brain, thereby dulling pain and at the same time releasing opioids which also lessens pain and promotes quality sleep.


If other methods of pain management have failed, call for a consultation with Ascent Health Care to see how Acupuncture For Back Pain can help you.