We live in a society where gut issues run rampant, leaky gut is everywhere and autoimmune disorders are far too common now. What if you could changed the way you thought about your body and food.  Many of us have heard that our guts are like a garden and just like a garden we need to create an ecosystem with microbes (bacteria, fungi, protozoa), minerals, water, and sun in order to thrive.  The health of our plants depends on the health of their soil, and our health depends largely on our own so called “soil…” the gut.

Our bodies are made up by about 60 different elements from the Earths Crust, we are covered in trillions of microscopic organisms (about 2-6lbs of our body weight!). We are more than just human we are apart of the earth and ecosystem, the way we treat our bodies environment is very crucial to our health.  Soil based organisms (SBO) come from the earth. They provide plants with nutrients and protection from disease, fungi and candida. SBOs can help with allergies, asthma, IBS, ulcerative colitis, indigestion, malabsorption and general gut dysbiosis. Soil based Organisms and quality probiotics can help balance our gut microbiome and banish the harmful microbes that have taken over.  These little organisms are all over our bodies but they can easily get out of balance due to our Standard American Diet (SAD), chemicals, body products, medications, stress, mold exposure, and so fourth.  If we take the time to keep our soil healthy we will reap the benefits on all levels of physical and mental health!

Our soil also contains minerals and guess what, we need minerals too!  Our soils have been depleted of their minerals which means we are being stripped of these essential micro-nutrients.  Minerals play a huge role in bone development, brain health, cellular function, supporting metabolism, replenishing the body with electrolytes, nerve functioning, regulating blood-pressure, thyroid health, adrenal health, and so much more!   These nutrients are not made in our bodies which means we have to get them from our food.  Some major minerals include calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, iodine.  Luckily we can buy fresh produce from our local farmers markets and supplement when we aren’t getting enough.
How do you get more dirt in your life you ask? Next time you go shopping for veggies go to your local farmers market, simply rinse with water and enjoy. Take a walk at the park with your shoes off and get grounded. Play with your dirt loving dog. Stop over sanitizing your life. The average child consumes 500 mg of good-old dirt on a daily basis and this helps their immune systems grow and thrive.