Supplies for Castor Oil Pack

  • Flannel or wool cloth
  • Heating pad
  • Plastic wrap
  • Castor oil

Preparation of Castor Oil Pack

  1. Fold the flannel or wool cloth into 2-4 layers, and a suitable size to cover recommended body area.
  2. Soak the pack in castor oil
  3. Apply pack to area of body you wish to treat.
  4. Place sheet of plastic over pack. This is to prevent oil from ruining your clothes and linen.
  5. Place heating pad on top of plastic, and turn heating pad on to medium, or high if tolerable.
  6. Treatment should continue for 45 minutes. Longer treatments are not harmful, though it is not advisable to fall asleep with the heating pad on.
  7. To complete treatment remove the castor oil pack, and cleanse your skin with a solution of baking soda. (1 teaspoon baking soda to 1 pint of water.)
  8. The pack can be stored in the refrigerator in a container. It can be reused 20-25 times, after which it should be washed or dry-cleaned.


Usage of Castor Oil Pack

Your clinician will recommend the frequency of use.  Typically, the castor oil pack is used 1-3 times/day in acute situations, and 1-3 times/week in more chronic situations.


You will do the pack  ONE times a day.


Optional Simple Method:

Spread castor oil directly on affected area.  Cover with plastic wrap or a plastic bag.  This may be covered with a towel, or T-shirt.  If skin is sensitive to plastic, use a paper towel between skin and plastic wrap.  For arms and legs, a plastic bag with the end cut off works well.  An old sock with the toe cut off makes an ideal outer bandage.  The heel of the sock fits an elbow perfectly, or a knee if a stretchy sock is chosen.


Contraindications: Do not use heat with uterine growths, bleeding, pregnancy, ulcers or while menstruating.  Do not fall asleep while using the electric heating pad.