This simple smoothie recipe is a favorite go-to for keeping you satisfied, energized and full of nutrients!  Especially great during the summer months, when you’re active and on the go, or when limiting dairy or eggs, you can throw this together with whatever you have on hand in a matter of minutes.

Follow these few basic elements and you’ll love this grab-and-go meal – grab something from each category and have fun seeing what results you get!  Bored?  Mix it up!  The options are endless.

Add the following ingredients to a blender and blend on high:

1 c. Liquid: For a creamier consistency, use unsweetened almond or coconut milk. For a cleaner fruity flavor, use a small amount of juice mixed with water, or water alone.  Tip: Try adding a handful of soaked raw almonds and water to the blender for fresh almond milk!

1-2 Tbsp. Fat: If you want your smoothie to leave you feeling full for more than 30 minutes, you want to include a source of healthy fat. Fat is an important component to your daily diet – however, if you are cleansing, a lower fat recipe will be ideal to give the liver a chance to regenerate.  Opt for seeds that carry omega-3 fatty acids, such as hemp seeds, chia or flax. Coconut or flax oils are excellent!  Nut butter or a handful of raw cashews or almonds are a great addition.

Handful of Fiber-Rich Foods: If you used flax seeds for your fat, you already have the fiber you need.  Adding a handful of lettuce, baby spinach or kale is a great way to keep your blood sugar steady.  Try adding a cut celery stick or 1/4 of a cucumber sliced – the bitterness of these green veggies compliments a smoothie nicely – and ensures that no one will ask for a sip!!

10-20 grams of Protein: This is essential – many smoothies have a very high carb:protein ratio, which can leave you feeling sleepy and shaky a couple of hours later.  Add a scoop of a high-quality protein powder like our True to the Bone Collagen Protein in Chocolate or Vanilla.  Avoid potential allergens like whey and egg-white, and opt out of grain based powders unless they are specifically formulated to protect gut health.

Fruit: 1/2 cup – 1 cup of fruit, depending on sweetness and energy levels 1-3 hours after eating.  With the protein, fat and fiber, most people can include a banana, apple or berries.  Add lemon for a fresh and tart alternative! Cater to what other ingredients you added.

Extras: Feel free to add complimentary flavors or supplements: Try almond or peppermint extract, bee pollen, or spirulina for variety!

Favorite Combinations:

Chocolate – Banana – Almond Butter

Chocolate – Coconut – Mint

Vanilla – Peach – Blackberry

Banana – Fig – Cashew

Cinnamon – Chia – Almond

Coconut – Persimmon – Clove

What’s your favorite combination??  Share in the comments below!