6 Good Posture Exercises To Attain Fitness And Health

The best way we can improve our posture is by focusing on good posture exercises that strengthen our core. That is the low back and abdominal muscles that connect our pelvis and spine. Part of these muscles move our torso by extending, flexing or rotating our spine while others stabilize our spine and pelvis in neutral and natural positions. The following exercises will help us to fix our posture. We can do them easily as they don’t require a lot of equipment.

1. Planks
To have a good posture, we need a strong core. A classic plank lights up many muscles at once. When done well, it will strengthen our abdominal muscles and streamline our backs and shoulders.

2. Crunch with Twist
If we need to learn how to fix your posture, then we will love this move. It will work our abs and obliques.

3. Dumbbell Side Bends
It is one of the good posture exercises for the obliques. We need one light weight or more, but we can utilize soup cans when weights are not available.

4. Back Extensions
This is among the good posture exercises that we can do to improve our back.

5. Pilates Swimming
It is vital for dance students who apply pilates during their training. We can do it to strengthen our back to make sure we have correct sitting posture. It also makes us stand straight.

6. Reverse Dumbbell Fly
If having rounded shoulders, we need to do this to strengthen our upper back. It’s one of the good posture exercises that we can apply.

When we live with bad posture, it becomes dangerous for us. The ligament and muscle imbalances caused by poor alignment can lead to some of the following body issues:
• Foot, hip, knee, and injuries
• Stiffness
• Muscle atrophy & weakness
• Digestion issues
• Sciatica
• Chronic back, shoulder and neck pain
• Headaches
• Fatigue
• Difficulty breathing
• Impingement & nerve compression
• Carpal tunnel syndrome