Welcome to part II of the Knee Knowledge Series (if you didn’t catch it earlier this month go over to our website to read Knee Knowledge Part I).  Last issue we discussed our success with restoring the healthy functions that we know the knee must have to perform it’s duties pain-free.  This time I want to give a quick run down about knee function!

The first function of the knee that we restore is the strength. Strength of the knee is important in the three planes of motion.  The three planes have to be adequate in order to perform tasks without pain.   Examples of these everyday tasks include; climbing stairs, walking, squatting and so forth. For many people these tasks may seem easy, but if you are someone with knee pain you find one of the above difficult or aggravating. The strength that I find most lacking in people is the quadriceps muscles of the thigh. In my experience secondary to the quads are the glutes.

So how do you strengthen the quadriceps muscles?? The best and safest way is isometrics. Isometrics are a contraction without a change of actual position. A plank hold is the best example, you are holding a constant position with your muscles contracting to keep you in that position and stabilized. I really like isometrics for the reason that it offers the highest demand on the muscle fibers while requiring a ton of stability from the knee joint and surrounding muscles.

Here is the best exercise you can do for Isometrically strengthen the knee:

Watch the short video on how to strengthen the quads!