There are hundreds of ways to encourage detoxification in the body, and with dozens of programs available at your fingertips we don’t want to add to the information overload.

Our aim here is to keep things simple and focus on purifying fat cells – where the majority of deep-seated toxins are stored – naturally resulting in cleaner body tissue, better performance, dissipation of pain, chronic infections, increased energy levels and weight balancing.

During spring, our bodies naturally move into fat-burning mode.  With warmer weather, our bodies naturally shed fat and begin to transition into carb-burning for energy.  This coupled with the seasonal harvest being naturally low in concentrated fats makes spring ideal time to detox.

So, the goal is swim downhill and use the advantages of this time of year to amplify our efforts and give our bodies some assistance in what it’s already trying to achieve.

Top 4 Guidelines – What to Eat, What to Avoid:

We’ve talked about the basics of removing toxic ingredients from your diet. Using those guidelines as a goal for how to eat on a daily basis will support longevity and health.  If you missed that article, you can read it here!

When we want to initiate the body to begin to process and eliminate long-stored toxins, follow these top guidelines and adjust to your current diet so that it’s a stretch, but not extreme or impossible with your current lifestyle demands.

1. Drink Water, Then Drink Some More.

When dehydrated – and most people are – every function in the body suffers.  Giving your body the fluid it needs will enhance the detox mechanism, optimizing liver and kidney function as well as help to shed water retention due to imbalance in electrolytes. 

Add lemon, cucumber, mint, fruit or a few drops of trace minerals to keep a healthy dose of minerals as you increase your water intake.  Aim for at least half your body weight in ounces every day – more if sweating or hot, dry weather.  Stick to room temp so you can drink more volume and enhance the fat metabolism that we’re aiming for.  Drink a large glass of water upon waking for maximized effect.  Notice how your energy feels with this change.

2. Remove Inflammatory Foods & Common Allergens.

Let’s just get these out on the table (or off it!).  The following foods take more energy for digestion and assimilation, and/or create an inflammatory response or immune reaction.

Commit to staying away from these foods to give your system a chance to get to issues that have been underlying, knowing that you can introduce them in 1-3 weeks in order to notice how they are either helping or hurting your overall wellness:

Gluten, Dairy, Pork, Eggs, Soy, Peanuts, Corn, Coffee, Alcohol, Packaged/Processed Foods, Oils, Sugars and Grains

Wait…Keep reading!! If reading that just sent you into a panic attack or rage, it’s probably a good idea to take a more moderate approach!  Choose 3 of the listed foods to remove that you eat on regular basis. Hint: these are the ones that will go the farthest in taking a break from. If I told you it was going to be easy, I’d be lying. There will inevitably be highs and lows – but the end result is so worth it.  Taking a small step towards better health is all it takes to be on the right track.

3. Introduce Nutrient & Fiber-Rich Foods. Mantra: Whole, Fresh.

It can be overwhelming at first, but don’t worry – remember that getting out of your ruts and using your brain in new ways encourages brain development! It’s a good challenge and one that will serve your best interest without a doubt!

Keep this mantra in mind whenever you’re thinking, “what should I eat?!”.  If it looks like it did when it was harvested, it’s probably  detoxifying food.  If it comes in a package or from an animal, it probably isn’t something that we should be consuming in large amounts especially during this season with hundreds of fresh foods available!

Favor vegetables and fruits, raw or cooked.
Include some protein and fat sources, but reduce these macronutrients compared to usual.  Seeds, nuts, legumes.
Whole, gluten-free grains like quinoa, buckwheat, millet, and rice.

Get inspired with different foods, flavors and recipes. One of the greatest results from doing a dietary reset is that you truly reset your cravings and taste buds leaving you enjoying cleaner foods more than unhealthy ones.  Be amazed at the incredible abundance that exists around you.

Go to a new health-oriented cafe or grocery, a farmers market or subscribe to a YouTube channel that focuses on healthy food and cooking. Treat this as a fun experiment which is sure to leave you more informed about your body.

4. Don’t Get Hungry – Calorie Restriction is Not the Goal!

When the body gets signals of repeated deprivation, it starts to hold on to fat and burn calories more slowly, eventually leading to binge eating.  Don’t get caught in this all too familiar trap!  Enjoy your food and make sure you’re eating adequate quantities for your energy level.

Bring snacks and cook in larger batches so you don’t get caught in social situations or on the run with nothing healthy available.  If weight loss is your goal, know that giving your body everything it needs to function on a daily basis supports robust metabolism and sends a green light to begin to shed excess – once and for all!

And remember, we’re here to support you!

It’s our goal to help our patients achieve their absolute best health potential, and it’s an honor to be your guide.  Call us if you need additional support in customizing your plan or troubleshooting some of your most pressing challenges with making healthy doable.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Love Your Body Series – Supplementation to Enhance Your Detox!