Knowledge is Power!

Specialty-Lab-Testing-DNA-375x250There are so many diets out there – giving up carbs, only consuming soups or juices, cutting out sugar etc. But there is no one definitive diet that suits everybody, because everybody is different. Dr. Julie A. Marchiol, DC, FIAMA offers DNA testing because knowledge is power! DNA testing is non-intrusive and the test results are leveraged to generate unique dietary plans to suit the individual, including a detailed and personalized report with recommendations for weight-loss and well being.

You can unlock contributing factors to weight gain with the simple DNA test. FindWhy Genetic Testing for weight control looks at five genes that are known to have a significant impact on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and responsiveness to exercise. The genes in the weight control panel were selected following a very thorough and current review of research literature related to genes, exercise, obesity and nutrition.

 Diet & Lifestyle Solutions

When you receive the FindWhy test results from Dr. Julie A. Marchiol, DC, FIAMA, you’ll know if you are a carrier of the genetic markers linked to obesity.  Dr. Julie will design a targeted diet and exercise plan that will fit your specific needs, which could include:

  • Strength training
  • Stress management
  • Pre-portioned meals/snacks to avoid overeating
  • A high protein and whole foods diet program
  • Avoidance of simple carbohydrates
  • Exercise prior to eating
  • Breakfast as part of 5 small meals a day
  • A high fiber diet


  • Simple and convenient sample collection (three swabs, inside your mouth)
  • Non-invasive (no needles
  • Easy to understand results and report
  • Fast and accurate

If you are interested in learning more about your genetic code and the impact your DNA might have on weight gain, contact us today!