HCD-diet---weight-loss-375x250Dr. Julie A. Marchiol, DC, FIAMA is an expert in administering and coaching her patients through the HCG Diet program. HCG is simply a hormone that’s job is to act on non-essential fat for energy.  The HCG Diet, which is homeopathic based, teaches the body to burn the excess fat first, leaving behind only the necessary fat that your body really needs. The results? A healthier, thinner more confident you!

*In Office Visits are scheduled and billed separately from the program for those who want a support system and check points to make the program easier. It’s our most comprehensive weight loss program and we’ve seen incredible result with our patients.

click-here-to-read-pounds-and-inchesThe HCG diet was discovered by accident by Dr. A. Simeons over 50 years ago as he worked to cure malnutrition in underdeveloped countries. During his intensive study he came to realize the balance of metabolism and fat cells that resulted in weight loss while maintaining patient health.

What Is HCG?

HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) plus a very low calorie diet, is a program that has been scientifically proven to assist patients in losing weight and keeping it off permanently. This time tested HCG protocol, works by unlocking unneeded fat stores for energy. Necessary fat – that is vital to the body (structural fat and normal fat reserves ie. breast and cheeks) – remains untouched, while the hard-to-lose-fat that accumulates in flabby areas like the belly and hips, is dissolved away.

Why It Works?

We are all born with a natural hunger shut-off switch deep in the hypothalamus of the brain. When this switch is intact we instinctively know when we are full and when to stop eating. When this switch is ignored by overeating, it turns off… and a myriad of health concerns ensue: including weight gain, obesity, and Type II diabetes. Most overweight/obese patients have a low or non-functioning hypothalamus which can result in a voracious appetite and decreased metabolism. Genetics can also play a role and we lab test to determine these genetic differences.

Intensive medical studies over 50 years have shown that HCG, when administered along with a very low calorie diet, will reset this center (and thus the metabolism) and the switch is turned back on. After completing the HCG program, patients notice that they stop eating when they are full and, as a result, consume far fewer calories at each meal. This newfound way of eating ensures their weight loss is permanent and starvation, or “yo-yo” dieting, becomes a thing of the past.

Click here to read Dr. Simeon’s (The founder of The HCG Diet) “Pounds and Inches” protocol to get the scoop on how it works.

Benefits of HCG

  • Healthy Weight Loss!
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Lowering blood pressure/blood sugar benefits
  • May reduce or eliminate the need for medications
  • Increased mobility and decreased joint pain
  • Redistribution of fat from flabby areas
  • Relief of chronic migraines
  • Increased libido in men and women
  • Decreased craving for sweets
  • Reduction and/or elimination of Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, snoring, sleep apnea