At the age of 57 I have had multitude experiences with the medical world of which includes chiropractic care. If you are like me when it comes to weight loss we have spent a lot of money over the years with very little true success. For the first time, after visiting with Dr. Julie I felt motivated to make the change…this time it was a commitment, not just a decision. She took a great deal of time in explaining to me what it takes to be successful. With her coaching and encouragement, I have lost 28lbs and on my way to losing a total of 35lbs in just over 40 days.
Wellness…we hear that word a lot, but having someone take the time to help you, teach you, and motivate you is awesome. Now, bottom line, no matter what you feel your need is to get healthy, the decision is up to you! No one can do it for you…if you truly want to make a change for life….go visit Dr. Julie. I am looking forward to the wellness finally meaning something in my life….thank you Dr. Julie.

Scott Whatley

I am pleased to give my highest praise to Dr. Julie and her entire staff for keeping me and my family healthy over the past 7-8 years. It’s our lifestyle choice to visit her office regularly to maintain, correct and heal whatever health issues we may be suffering, from the common cold to ACL knee surgery recovery. Huge praise to the miraculous Marius for his knowledgeable massage therapy. Do yourself the favor and schedule an appointment, you won’t be disappointed. Keep Calm and Ascent Health On!

Coble Thurman

What a true blessing it has been to find AHC! Dr. Julie has been a game changer for our entire family. She takes the time to get to know you, your individual needs and work with your body to find long term solutions. You decide how to proceed together. This is the type of relationship everyone should have with their healthcare provider.

Susan England

My highest praises go to AHC and Dr. Julie. I made an appt after a massive car accident left me in serious pain. I made amazing progress after the very first appointment and have continued treatment with her. Not only was she able to help tremendously with my pain, she used a technique called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) that has helped me immensely with the mental/emotional side of the accident. Such an AMAZING wellness team!

Cat Holmes

Dr. Julie has provided me with great alternative techniques to solve my lower back issues while Marius is probably the most intuitive massage therapist I’ve met. He’ll turn you into a pretzel and have you feeling better on the way out.

Michael Ellafrits

Dr. Julie and her team are amazing! I can believe how much better I feel every time I go in.

Lee Prosenjak

Dr. Julie is seriously a Game Changer. She has advanced my health mentally, emotionally and physically in the last 10 months. Learning to be committed to a natural path to my health was not the easiest thing, yet I was tired of the short-term quick fixes and wanted the long-term life changer… Ascent Health Center was that choice!

Meaghan Ziegler

Marius Coste is Denver’s BEST Massage Therapist. I have had hundreds of massages in my life and in the first few minutes of him touching me, I knew he was a special, healing, gifted, manual therapist. I am a movement therapist and work with many people with injuries. I have referred 15+ clients to Marius in the past year. All of my clients have been blown away and have experienced great improvements in their soft tissue problems and overall well being. He’s my massage therapist for life. LOVE YOU BIG GUY (and thanks for treating my wife, uncle, cousin, and Me, we all feel better because of you!)

David Jacobs

Incredible Health experience! Dr. Julie also offers hormone replacement therapy. Wonderful with patients. Get on the right health path today!

Nicole Adams

Way over due, Dr Julie takes care of our whole family. My initial visit was for my thumb hurting bad. Two doctors said surgery, a couple of times with Julie and my thumb was back to normal. That was 1998, that’s how long we have trusted Julie. Now at 57 my back is a challenge, she’s got me fixed again! When I’m in pain she is there for me. Dr. Julie is my go to, and my families go to. She stays in touch with my daughter in Seattle and gets her supplements. She cares enough to check in with her. We love her. Thanks Julie for taking care of my family and me.

Ramon E.

I’ve been going to Ascent for massages for a while now, and I highly recommend their services. Marius is great!  They are all very professional and knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a massage therapist in the Denver area, give them a try.

Jackie M.

I live in Idaho so whenever I get a chance to come to Denver I get an appointment with Dr. Julie.  I have always felt like she has taken interest in me and has real concern for my overall health. Just this last visit, it has been over a year and she steps in and remembered my history just like it was yesterday. When she is in the room with me she takes the time with me and gives me the attention that I need no matter what else could be going on that day. The chiropractic and acupuncture therapy is very comfortable and effective.  I’m a believer that you make the best of what situation you are in.  Dr. Julie’s great!  That’s why I keep coming back.

Jared R.