Neurofeeback Therapy has long been revered as a powerful tool in measuring patterns of brain activity, informing treatment protocols and success for ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, depression and other mental and emotional imbalances. When people experience the weight of depression, the fear of anxiety and the ungroundedness of ADHD, the “electrical wiring” within the brain is undoubtedly compromised.

Anyone that has experienced these states of mind can attest to the fact that they can at times feel completely helpless in the process.  However, science and research tell us the opposite is true. The brain functions through electrical impulses which stimulate thoughts, feelings and emotions, and vise versa. It’s a form of translation between our physical body and our experience.

The beautiful thing? It isn’t set in stone. Our neuro-connections are changing constantly, whether we like it or not.  So, this means that the decisions we make on a daily basis are either contributing towards healthful or unhealthful neurological function, and thus pleasant or unpleasant experience.

If we know that we can influence new and healthy brain circuitry, then all we need is the proper guidance to facilitate those changes. While there are many practices that contribute towards optimal neuro-communication (and overall health at that), such as a whole food nutrition, limiting electronic exposure, regular exercise, sound sleep and structural support, Neurofeedback training is a deeper, more focused approach.

Unlike pharmaceutical approaches to treatment of mental disorders, through Neurofeedback we’re able to measure what is happening in the brain through a Brain Map analysis, so we can more accurately determine what treatment is going to be effective for each patient – minus the myriad of side affects that are commonplace with most medications.  A customized treatment protocol is then recommended based on these findings in which we work with our patients one-on-one.  We are thrilled to offer Neurofeedback therapy to our patients through the most cutting edge technology as an additional component to our holistic approach to health and healing.

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