It’s the season of swimming, ballgames, concerts, travel – all of which are refreshing when you feel comfortable in your own skin, but when you feel lethargic or self-conscious they can feel less than thrilling.

At Ascent Health Center, there’s nothing that we want more than to help our patients feel their best so that they can enjoy life to the fullest!  Feeling good outside and being able to withstand hours in the hot sun and soak up the fun and adventure, all start with good health.

A nutrient-dense diet, regular exercise and sound sleep contribute to great energy levels, but often times coming out of winter requires a kick in the pants to shift our diet according to the season, rebalance our cravings, shed a few winter pounds and wipe the slate clean so that we can kick summer off on the right foot!

A big contributing factor to feeling light and active in the summer is body composition – not just because when we’re heavier it takes more energy to support our body and move, but because we can carry loads of toxins which leave us feeling dull and lethargic.

Did you know that the way that our bodies deal with toxins is to store them in fat?

One of the most common misconceptions about toxicity and detoxification is that the toxins are all in the digestive tract.  While toxins can build up in the liver, bile and intestines, the bulk of the energy-draining toxic waste in our bodies is actually stored in our fat cells.

When toxic substances pose a threat to our body, they’re redirected away from vital organs and surrounded in fat cells for our own protection.  This is a wise mechanism, however the result is literally toxic fat.

You don’t have to carry substantial excess weight to store toxins in this manner and it’s important even for skinny folks to do a seasonal reset to burn these toxic cells and replenish with vibrant and healing hydration and nutrition.  And while detoxification, energy levels and fat loss go hand-in-hand, there are a multitude of unpleasant symptoms that result from toxic burden, ranging from pain to poor memory.

Join us in our free 4-week detox series where we’ll guide you through the foods to eat and avoid, exercises to increase fat metabolism, ways to decrease your toxic load and tips on leveraging the process through lifestyle habits leading to clear energy, better habits and a summer to remember!