The Benefits Of Using Acupuncture Treatment For Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that will affect around 80 percent at some point. There are a variety of medications that can be used for back pain. However, you should consider using acupuncture treatment for back pain. There are a number of benefits that can be reaped from getting acupuncture.

Effective Relief

One of the main benefits that come along with using acupuncture treatment for back pain is that it really works. There was a German study done that involved 1,162 patients. They were divided into several groups. One group received acupuncture treatment for back pain. Other groups used exercise, drugs or physical therapy to treat back pain.

Every group received treatments for six weeks. The results of the study showed that acupuncture was just as effective as the other treatments for alleviating back pain.


It is safe to use acupuncture treatment for back pain. With this treatment, sterilized needles that are so small that four will easily fit into the hollow space of a regular hypodermic needle are inserted into particular locations of your body to eliminate discomfort.  If you get this procedure done by a trained professional, then your chances of having a serious complication are low. However, you will need to let your provider know about any health issues that you have.

Long-term use of pain medication can increase the risk of serious side effect. Acupuncture is safer for most people than using pain medication.

Improve Sleep

Not only can you use acupuncture treatment for back pain, but you can also use it to help you sleep better at night. Many people who suffer from back pain have problems sleeping. There have been several studies done to confirm that acupuncture can treat back pain.

There was a study done in 2004 that examined the effects that acupuncture had on back pain. The results of the study showed that the subjects had an easier time falling sleep. They were also able to stay asleep longer. A study done in 1999 showed similar results.

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